Facts Your Marine Surveyor Cape Coral Wants You to Remember

Buying a boat is a significant investment thus the reason you should keep an experienced marine surveyor Cape Coralclose. A surveyor will perform a condition and valuation survey which will let you know if the investment you are about to make makes sense. But what should you expect during the survey and how do you prepare for it? The following are facts every boat surveyor wishes you knew.

There are many types of surveys

The type of survey you choose will depend on what you want at the end of the day. Your marine surveyor Cape Coral may be able to help with condition & valuation surveys, mechanical surveys, and rig surveys. Your insurance company will request an out-of-water survey which insects the bottom of a boat and the running gears as well as the interior of the boat. If you need a cargo damage survey, the surveyor you hire should be able to offer the type of survey you need.

  • Condition & valuation survey. This includes the inspection of the onboard systems to ensure they are working properly. The hull will also be inspected, all electronics, running gear, plumbing, HVAC and other items. The engine and mechanical systems will also be looked at.
  • Mechanical survey. This involves an in-depth look of the engine, generator, and mechanical systems. The surveyor will also take oil samples to help understand the interior condition of an engine.
  • Rig survey. An experienced rigger looks at the entire rig including the standing rigging, mast, running rig, structural integrity of the rig and sails.

The lifetime of a survey is lifetime

A boat survey is simply a snapshot in time. It is good for the day it is performed. Water excursions, weather and dry dock damage can all change the condition of a vessel. Never rely on old surveys to make a decision.

A surveyor works for you alone

When you hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral, the surveyor will be working solely for you. This means the reports will come to you only. If you want the surveyor to share any information with a buyer or broker, you have to instruct him to do so. You also need to inform a surveyor ahead of time if you wish to involve him in the sale or purchase of a boat.

Build a relationship with your surveyor

When a surveyor is hired to inspect a boat, he puts his reputation on the line when reporting on the condition of a vessel. That is why you must always treat your boat surveyor with respect. Building a relationship with a surveyor will help you enjoy great deals as well as make use of their extensive network when buying or selling a used boat.

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