Marine Surveyor Cape Coral – What is the Scope of a Pre-Purchase Survey?

Buying a used boat mandates that you work with a marine surveyor Cape Coral. The surveyor will perform a pre-purchase survey that will let you know if the purchase will be a worthy investment. This is done by looking at the current condition of the boat and determining its fair market value.

Anyone can hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral for any reason but there are market forces that have created a ‘normal’ pre-purchase ‘condition and value’ survey. A pre-purchase boat survey is a limited inspection and is what the market has been accustomed to paying for. It focuses on what is accepted by lenders and insurance companies. You should also note that a survey is a snapshot of a boat at a particular moment. You should, therefore, not depend on surveys that were done months ago because there is no guarantee the boat is still in the same condition it was in when the survey was performed.

When performing a survey, a boat surveyor will not disassemble permanent parts of the boat. They simply observe and listen to these components to determine their condition. If there is an issue that needs a closer inspection, the surveyor will recommend working with a mechanic.  

A classic survey routine for a boat in the water begins with an inspection in its slip. A haul and bottom cleaning is done and once it dries the surveyor inspects its condition. Once this is done, the survey will re-launch the boat and perform a short sea-trial. This is all done in a single day on most vessels. It may take longer on larger vessels.

The surveyor has to modify the survey based on the weather. Unfavorable weather conditions can delay a survey and cause the boat surveyor Cape Coral to reschedule.

On larger powerboats, a marine surveyor Cape Coral can suggest that you include an engine surveyor. This is because the engine plays the most important part of the value of a boat. For sailboats, surveyors may be willing to go up masts for a rigging inspection. The added work will, however, add expenses and time to the whole process.

At the end of a survey, the marine surveyor will provide you with a written report. The report includes the description of the boat and all onboard systems. It also details findings and recommendations. The surveyor will also include a statement of the overall condition of the boat as well as the fair market and replacement values of the vessel based on industry data and comparable sales. The report further comments on the conditions of the boat’s components and may also state if the boat is fit for the intended use.

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