Boat Surveyor Cape Coral – How to Prepare for a Marine Survey

Getting a comprehensive inspection from a reputable boat surveyor Cape Coralis advised before agreeing to buy a used boat. Many boat owners also want to get a pre-purchase condition as well as value survey before they sell their old vessels. A survey helps identify any issues a boat has and also helps with pricing. Whether you are getting ready to sell your boat or planning on buying a used one, there are a few guidelines you must follow when getting ready for a marine survey.


Once you settle on a boat surveyor Cape Coral, there are a few things you will need to do in order to get the best experience during a survey. Here are a few guidelines you should follow.

  1. The boat will be hauled out to inspect both the hull and the running gear. You must, therefore arrange for this before the surveyor arrives. You can leave the boat hanging in the slings overnight so that the surveyor inspects the hull first before you relaunch the boat. If hanging in the slings overnight is not possible, you can get the boat hang in the slings while people go for lunch.
  2. Clean the bottom of the boat first. When it is dirty, the surveyor will not be able to understand the precise condition of the boat. Needless to say, the work of the surveyor is simply to observe and listen. It is not his job to clean the boat for you or open things up to get a better look.
  3. Ensure all compartments and storage areas are empty. This will allow the marine surveyor to perform a more thorough inspection. If the compartments are locked or not emptied, the survey will take long since the surveyor will have to wait for you to open and empty the compartments. The general rule is to remove all the unnecessary items out of the boat before the surveyor arrives.
  4. Make sure there is plenty of room around the bottom. A clearance of 2 inches is needed around each side of the boat to make it easy for the surveyor to inspect the freeboard of the boat.
  5. Empty the bilge and sponge it out if possible. This is crucial during sea-trials.
  6. Make all the documentation and paperwork on the boat available. The boat surveyor Cape Coral will ask for them. Include engine and maintenance logs.

Marine surveys are usually both non-intrusive and non-destructive. The surveyor will not examine any area that requires to be dissembled. Getting the boat ready for the evaluation is the job of the boat owner.

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