Marine Surveyor Cape Coral – What is a Boat Survey and What Does It Cover?

When buying a boat, the debate most aspiring boat owners find themselves having is on whether to hire a marine surveyor Cape Coralor not. This is common especially when the boat they are buying seems to be in perfect condition. The truth is most issues are hidden from the untrained eye. That is why to avoid surprises after buying a boat, you need to get help from a boat surveyor. But what is a boat survey and what does it cover? This post is here to answer this.

When do you hire a surveyor?

If you want a boat survey done, it is important to note that you will hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral only after you have made an offer on a boat and your offer has been accepted. There are several surveys that can be scheduled. They include the in-water survey, bottom/haul survey, sea trial, and engine survey. Whatever you need, you must make sure that the surveyor you are hiring is able to offer that service.

The most common type of boat survey is the condition and value survey. This is mostly requested when you are considering the purchase of a used boat. The survey is done for the buyer to determine the fair market value of a boat and determine if it is in good condition. The survey includes the evaluation of the deck, hull, structure, and systems on the boat. This survey has to be done by an accredited surveyor.

A pre-purchase survey is a basic and limited inspection of the overall condition and operation of a boat’s systems and equipment. It is more of a snapshot of the condition of a boat. If you are buying a used boat and a condition survey was done a few months back, you should note that the report will not be a reflection of the current condition of the boat. You should order a new survey before purchasing the boat.

The most important point to remember before hiring a marine surveyor Cape Coral is that the surveyor will only observe and listen. Surveyors never take components apart to have a look inside. They simply observe and give a description of their findings. You will get a survey report within 24 to 48 hours. The report will include the fair market and replacement value of the boat based on comparable sales as well as industry data.

If a surveyor suspects there are serious problems with certain components, he will mostly suggest getting additional inspections by a specialist.

The other types of boat surveys include appraisal surveys and damage surveys. The most important point is to make sure you hire a surveyor who is great at what he does. A good surveyor must have a good track record.

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Marine Surveyor Cape Coral – Why Do You Want a Boat?

The duty of a marine surveyor Cape Coralis to help you understand a boat inside out. The surveyor will inspect every aspect of the boat, make repair recommendations and also give a fair market value of the boat. What a surveyor will not do is show you which boat you should buy. That is the work of a broker. Even before you hire a surveyor, the first thing you must do is settle on a boat. One of the most important things you have to do is answer the question of why you want a boat. Answering this question will help you narrow down your options. This post will be focusing on that one question.

Know what you love

To better answer the question of why you want a boat, you have to focus on what you want to do with the boat. Do you dream of sailing to exotic islands or do you want a simple fishing boat? Do you enjoy spending your vacation camping on a boat? How you love spending your time will help you know the type of boat that will be ideal for you.

Talk to boat owners

The next step is to talk to other boat owners. Lack of experience can cause you to make a terrible mistake when buying a boat. For example, there are certain types of boats that will do well based on the water and weather conditions of where you live. That is why talking to boat owners makes a lot of sense. Boat owners will help you know what to expect as a boat owner, maintenance expenses and also give you recommendations to the best marine surveyor Cape Coral.

Involve your friends

Shopping for a boat is time-consuming. Due to fatigue, you may end up taking shortcuts and end up choosing the first boat that impresses you. This is the worst strategy when buying a boat. Involving your friends will help you remain objective. An extra pair of eyes will help you better evaluate a vessel and determine if it is ideal for your needs without focusing only on the aesthetics and selling price.

Surf the internet

The internet is a great source of information when searching for a boat to buy. Jump on bulletin boards and forums. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on online platforms. The last thing you want is to buy a boat only to realize there have been negative reviews about the boat all along.

When buying a boat, the best thing you can do is identify what you want to do with it then take time to review it. Involving a marine surveyor Cape Coral will help you take the guesswork out of the way and ensure that you buy a boat that is worth every penny.

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How to Find the Best Marine Surveyor Cape Coral

Choosing the right marine surveyor Cape Coraland commissioning him to do some surveying work is an important part of making sure the vessel is seaworthy. A marine survey will further help you know if a vessel complies with relevant maritime standards and meets all the necessary insurance and finance requirements. The big question, however, is this; who should you hire for the survey? This post takes a look at the most important considerations you should make when searching for a boat surveyor.

Know the type of survey you need

The first thing you must do is know the type of survey that you need. Do you need a survey for the insurance companies or do you simply want to know if the boat is a worthy investment? Knowing the type of surveys you need will help you identify the skills and knowledge to look for in a marine surveyor Cape Coral. The last thing you want is to spend money on a survey that will never be accepted by your insurance company. Knowing what you need from the boat survey will help you focus on the professional that offers the services you need.

Region covered

The region a boat surveyor covers matters. You don’t want to bring in a surveyor that has never performed a single survey in your region. This means such a surveyor will not be able to comply with all the standards in your region. Insurance and financial institutions may also be unwilling to accept a survey report from a surveyor that doesn’t work in your area. Cape Coral Marine Surveyor serves boat owners in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas. The company also addresses needs for marine surveys and other services across the US and the Caribbean.

Type of vessels surveyed

A surveyor who focuses on surveying cargo ships will be ill equipped to survey your yacht. Before you hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral, make sure they have experience surveying boats that are similar to yours. Cape Coral Marine Surveys all sailing vessels, power boats and yachts.

How long it takes to get a report

Another important thing you need to check is how long it takes for the surveyor to provide you with a detailed survey report. A reliable surveyor should be able to provide you with a highly detailed survey report within 1 to 3 business days following the conclusion of a survey.

How their rates compare with other surveyors

Last but not least, you need to know how much the surveyor charges. To make sure you are not being exploited, get quotes from multiple surveyors. Doing so will give you a rough idea on the average cost of a boat survey in Cape Coral.

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Marine Surveyor Cape Coral – What is the Scope of a Pre-Purchase Survey?

Buying a used boat mandates that you work with a marine surveyor Cape Coral. The surveyor will perform a pre-purchase survey that will let you know if the purchase will be a worthy investment. This is done by looking at the current condition of the boat and determining its fair market value.

Anyone can hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral for any reason but there are market forces that have created a ‘normal’ pre-purchase ‘condition and value’ survey. A pre-purchase boat survey is a limited inspection and is what the market has been accustomed to paying for. It focuses on what is accepted by lenders and insurance companies. You should also note that a survey is a snapshot of a boat at a particular moment. You should, therefore, not depend on surveys that were done months ago because there is no guarantee the boat is still in the same condition it was in when the survey was performed.

When performing a survey, a boat surveyor will not disassemble permanent parts of the boat. They simply observe and listen to these components to determine their condition. If there is an issue that needs a closer inspection, the surveyor will recommend working with a mechanic.  

A classic survey routine for a boat in the water begins with an inspection in its slip. A haul and bottom cleaning is done and once it dries the surveyor inspects its condition. Once this is done, the survey will re-launch the boat and perform a short sea-trial. This is all done in a single day on most vessels. It may take longer on larger vessels.

The surveyor has to modify the survey based on the weather. Unfavorable weather conditions can delay a survey and cause the boat surveyor Cape Coral to reschedule.

On larger powerboats, a marine surveyor Cape Coral can suggest that you include an engine surveyor. This is because the engine plays the most important part of the value of a boat. For sailboats, surveyors may be willing to go up masts for a rigging inspection. The added work will, however, add expenses and time to the whole process.

At the end of a survey, the marine surveyor will provide you with a written report. The report includes the description of the boat and all onboard systems. It also details findings and recommendations. The surveyor will also include a statement of the overall condition of the boat as well as the fair market and replacement values of the vessel based on industry data and comparable sales. The report further comments on the conditions of the boat’s components and may also state if the boat is fit for the intended use.

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Facts Your Marine Surveyor Cape Coral Wants You to Remember

Buying a boat is a significant investment thus the reason you should keep an experienced marine surveyor Cape Coralclose. A surveyor will perform a condition and valuation survey which will let you know if the investment you are about to make makes sense. But what should you expect during the survey and how do you prepare for it? The following are facts every boat surveyor wishes you knew.

There are many types of surveys

The type of survey you choose will depend on what you want at the end of the day. Your marine surveyor Cape Coral may be able to help with condition & valuation surveys, mechanical surveys, and rig surveys. Your insurance company will request an out-of-water survey which insects the bottom of a boat and the running gears as well as the interior of the boat. If you need a cargo damage survey, the surveyor you hire should be able to offer the type of survey you need.

  • Condition & valuation survey. This includes the inspection of the onboard systems to ensure they are working properly. The hull will also be inspected, all electronics, running gear, plumbing, HVAC and other items. The engine and mechanical systems will also be looked at.
  • Mechanical survey. This involves an in-depth look of the engine, generator, and mechanical systems. The surveyor will also take oil samples to help understand the interior condition of an engine.
  • Rig survey. An experienced rigger looks at the entire rig including the standing rigging, mast, running rig, structural integrity of the rig and sails.

The lifetime of a survey is lifetime

A boat survey is simply a snapshot in time. It is good for the day it is performed. Water excursions, weather and dry dock damage can all change the condition of a vessel. Never rely on old surveys to make a decision.

A surveyor works for you alone

When you hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral, the surveyor will be working solely for you. This means the reports will come to you only. If you want the surveyor to share any information with a buyer or broker, you have to instruct him to do so. You also need to inform a surveyor ahead of time if you wish to involve him in the sale or purchase of a boat.

Build a relationship with your surveyor

When a surveyor is hired to inspect a boat, he puts his reputation on the line when reporting on the condition of a vessel. That is why you must always treat your boat surveyor with respect. Building a relationship with a surveyor will help you enjoy great deals as well as make use of their extensive network when buying or selling a used boat.

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4 Things a Marine Surveyor Cape Coral Highly Recommends You Do

Boating can be an expensive pastime or sport. This is more so if you purchase a used boat that has pre-existing problems. A marine surveyor Cape Coralcan help highlight any problems that a boat may have and the ones that may occur in the future. The assessment will give you the much deserved peace of mind whether you are buying a new boat, a used one or trying to learn more about your current boat. Away from that, there are a couple of things every surveyor would love for you to do.

Insure your investment

The mistake most people make after buying a boat is waiting too long to get an insurance cover. They end up ramming into something or their boat getting damaged by unavoidable things like storms. Immediately after buying a boat, it is imperative that you get an insurance cover. The purpose of an insurance cover is to keep your investment safe. In this case you will need an insurance survey.

Insurance companies have unique requirements regarding what needs to be looked at in a boat survey. Prior to hiring a marine surveyor Cape Coral, you need to consult with your insurance company to understand what should be covered in the survey. The last thing you want is to get a survey that ends up being tossed out by your insurer.

Get a professional opinion

If your boat is damaged in any way, out in the sea or by a storm, it is imperative that you get a professional opinion. A marine surveyor will be able to assess the extent of the damage and help you calculate how much the necessary repairs will cost. It is better to have minor problems fixed before they turn into major ones.

Don’t set a selling price before getting a survey

There comes a time when you want to sell your boat or trade it in for another one. When this time comes, you should bring in a professional for a condition and value survey. If you are buying a used boat, you still need this survey. The survey involves a comprehensive inspection which includes checking everything from the propulsion systems and onboard electronics to the hull. If it is a large boat, rigging surveys may be done.

Surveyors can help monitor new builds

The job of a marine surveyor is not just to evaluate a used boat that is being sold. They can help monitor a new build. If you are having a boat being built, you can bring in a marine surveyor Cape Coral to check the overall quality of workmanship as well as ensure all the installations comply with the specifications. Surveyors can also help with a pre-delivery inspection as well as snagging.

Whether you are in the market for a used boat or need help understanding your current boat, a marine surveyor can give you the insight you need. You simply need to hire a surveyor that has experience evaluating boats similar to yours.

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