What is the Cost of Hiring a Boat Surveyor Cape Coral?

There are many reasons why you may want to hire a boat surveyor Cape Coral. The most common reason is to get a comprehensive evaluation of the boat you plan on buying. Surveyors perform a thorough inspection of a boat and provide a report that includes major and minor issues on a vessel as well as the cost of getting them repaired. Another reason you may need to work with a surveyor is when you want to know the actual value of your boat. In this case, you will need an appraiser. An appraisal is also needed when you want to use the boat as collateral for a loan and when you need insurance cover.

Whatever the reason is for wanting to hire a boat surveyor Cape Coral, the first question people ask is how much it will cost to hire a surveyor. There is no simple answer to this. So many things influence the cost. Let’s take a look at the main factors that affect the cost of getting a boat survey.

Rate charged by the surveyor

When hiring a marine surveyor, you should be ready to pay either a flat rate or a per-foot rate. With the flat rate, the surveyor charges a single fee for the survey. This rate is offered mostly when you are buying a smaller or simpler boat. The per-foot rate is charged depending on the length of the boat. The average rate ranges from $18 to $25 per foot. Some surveyors will also charge part of the per-foot to cover the time of travel to and from your boat’s location.

Location of the boat

The location of your boat will have an impact on the overall cost of working with a marine surveyor. This is for the simple fact that the surveyor will charge you for the time and money spent getting to and from the location of your boat. If the location is too remote, you can expect to pay more. Remote locations are not only harder to get to but also lack the equipment a surveyor needs to do their job.

Age of the boat

It goes without saying that older boats take more time to survey than newer models. At times the surveyor has to improvise in order to access systems on an older boat. In addition to charging more for older boats, some surveyors will refuse to survey really old boats.

Services required

A surveyor only observes and listens to determine the condition of a boat. However, if you need additional services such as a haul at a boatyard, you can expect to pay more.

You should be prepared to pay for all the services offered on the day of the survey. This includes the cost of a short-haul and the fee of the boat surveyor Cape Coral. Understand how the surveyor wants to be paid before the big day. Some boatyards and surveyors prefer to be paid using a check rather than a credit card.

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