Marine Surveyor Cape Coral – What is a Boat Survey and What Does It Cover?

When buying a boat, the debate most aspiring boat owners find themselves having is on whether to hire a marine surveyor Cape Coralor not. This is common especially when the boat they are buying seems to be in perfect condition. The truth is most issues are hidden from the untrained eye. That is why to avoid surprises after buying a boat, you need to get help from a boat surveyor. But what is a boat survey and what does it cover? This post is here to answer this.

When do you hire a surveyor?

If you want a boat survey done, it is important to note that you will hire a marine surveyor Cape Coral only after you have made an offer on a boat and your offer has been accepted. There are several surveys that can be scheduled. They include the in-water survey, bottom/haul survey, sea trial, and engine survey. Whatever you need, you must make sure that the surveyor you are hiring is able to offer that service.

The most common type of boat survey is the condition and value survey. This is mostly requested when you are considering the purchase of a used boat. The survey is done for the buyer to determine the fair market value of a boat and determine if it is in good condition. The survey includes the evaluation of the deck, hull, structure, and systems on the boat. This survey has to be done by an accredited surveyor.

A pre-purchase survey is a basic and limited inspection of the overall condition and operation of a boat’s systems and equipment. It is more of a snapshot of the condition of a boat. If you are buying a used boat and a condition survey was done a few months back, you should note that the report will not be a reflection of the current condition of the boat. You should order a new survey before purchasing the boat.

The most important point to remember before hiring a marine surveyor Cape Coral is that the surveyor will only observe and listen. Surveyors never take components apart to have a look inside. They simply observe and give a description of their findings. You will get a survey report within 24 to 48 hours. The report will include the fair market and replacement value of the boat based on comparable sales as well as industry data.

If a surveyor suspects there are serious problems with certain components, he will mostly suggest getting additional inspections by a specialist.

The other types of boat surveys include appraisal surveys and damage surveys. The most important point is to make sure you hire a surveyor who is great at what he does. A good surveyor must have a good track record.

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