Boat Surveyor Cape Coral – Which Type of Boat Survey Should You Get?

If you are torn between buying a new or used boat, a boat surveyor Cape Coral can help you make the right choice. When purchasing a new boat, you don’t often need to have a survey done. However, if a used boat is under consideration, a survey is generally a must. Each survey is different, and at times the surveyor requires special training and special equipment to perform a thorough survey. In this post, we shall be looking at the various types of boat surveys you may have to get before buying a used boat.

Pre-purchase survey

Most people hire a boat surveyor for a pre-purchase survey. This is the most comprehensive type of inspection. This survey’s primary purpose is to gather as much information about the boat’s condition before purchasing. This information is provided to the potential buyers to help them make an informed purchase decision. The boat surveyor Cape Coral will typically get the boat inspected while it is in and out of water. The condition of the boat and the overall operation should be examined to ensure everything is functioning as required. A pre-purchase survey might also be used to satisfy insurance companies and loan requirements.

Condition and valuation survey

Condition and value surveys are the most common type of boat surveys. They are performed when you are buying a used boat. These are comprehensive inspections of all the systems on board to ensure they are all functioning properly. It is often done majorly for insurance purposes. Each insurance company has its own set of requirements regarding what size/age vessels need a survey. With huge and expensive boats, separate engine surveys are sometimes performed.

An off-the-water survey may be required. This helps with the inspection at the bottom of the boat for any gear issues and structural weakness. The insurance company generally wants to know the boat’s current market value and if it is a good risk.

Appraisal surveys

These are inspections performed to gather information to justify and determine the fair market value of the vessel. Appraisal surveys are used for financing, estate and divorce settlements and donations of vessels to charities. This survey’s focus is limited to setting a fair market value based on the vessel systems and overall condition.

Damage surveys

A boat surveyor Cape Coral may be brought in to perform a damage survey. These surveys may be done for insurance purposes. The boat owner may request this survey to understand the extent of the damages following an accident. Damage surveys are necessary after an accident or after a heavy storm. They determine the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs needed to bring the boat up to snuff aesthetically and make it safe.

To get the best results, you must hire a boat surveyor Cape Coral that is good at his work. Take time to review the surveyor’s track record. You also want to hire a surveyor whose service fees are within your reach.

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