Boat Surveyor Cape Coral – How Do You Price a Boat for Sale?

While the input of a boat surveyor Cape Coralwill help you set an appropriate selling price for your boat, the price you set can make or break the deal. Setting an appropriate price requires more than setting an unbeatable price. There are many considerations you have to make including the current condition of the boat and the prevailing market climate.

A lot of people tend to overprice their secondhand boats. The common mistake made when setting a price for a boat is using the historical trends to determine the current value of a boat. At some time, a boat may maintain its cash value. However, as it ages and the market climate changes, the value will go down. Moreover, unlike real estate, chances of the value of a boat appreciating are close to zero. High inflation can, however, mask the depreciation of a boat price.

In the last 10 years or so, the demand for boats built in the 1970s and 1980s has dropped significantly. This is because these boats offer accommodation that is way too cramped for comfort. If you have an older boat, it is always a great idea to involve an experienced boat surveyor Cape Coral to help with both valuation and pricing.

Determining the asking price

When pricing your boat, taking a look at the prices set on boats that are similar to yours is the best guide you can use. There is, however, a major catch; how the boat has been maintained. A boat that is well prepared and hasn’t been advertised for long will get more attention than one that is poorly maintained. How you advertise your boat for sale will also matter. The more people see your advert the more offers you will get and the higher the chances of selling for a great price.

Working with a broker will also determine how much you manage to sell your used boat for. Brokers enjoy better advantage over private sellers. This is because they have better access to the data relating to boats and will already have potential buyers already in their contacts. Your boat surveyor Cape Coral can give you a few contacts of promising brokers in your area.

You have to consider your location when determining a selling price. If your boat is in an inaccessible harbor, you will have to give potential buyers a good reason for them to invest their time and money to view it. If the harbor is too inaccessible, you may have to lower the asking price in order to win potential buyers over. The case is the same if you are in an area where there are too many boats being sold.

Tips to help boost the value of your boat

  • Save all maintenance records
  • Wash and polish at least once per season
  • When not in use cover the boat up.
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance schedules and winterization
  • Get a professional surveybefore setting a price.

Setting a selling price is not as straightforward as you may think. Involving the services of a boat surveyor Cape Coral will, however, give you a better chance of setting the best price.

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