Working with a Boat Surveyor Cape Coral

The biggest piece of advice when buying a boat is to work with a boat surveyor Cape Coral. The surveyor will look into every nook, sniff every corner, turn every knob, feel every thru hull and turn everything inside out. It is the job of a marine surveyor to give you a detailed review of the boat you are thinking about buying. In the end you will get a survey report that lets you know the exact condition of the boat and recommendations on repairs. Even so, there are a couple of things you have to do before hiring a surveyor.

Hire someone with experience

The mistake most people make is that of hiring the first surveyor that is recommended to them. What you have to understand is that experience plays a very big part in the competence of a boat surveyor Cape Coral. This is more so when you consider the fact that boat surveyors never take components apart to determine their condition. They simply observe and listen. If they determine a piece of equipment doesn’t operate properly, they will recommend further examination be carried out by a specialist. Being able to listen, observe and determine if there is a problem requires a lot of experience.

Get a written contract with the surveyor

Another very important thing you must do is establish a written contract with the surveyor. The contract has to be written in plain English and must include all the details regarding what the boat survey will cover as well as how much the service will cost. With a written contract, you will be able to know precisely what you will get for your money.

If you need a survey done for insurance purposes, it is imperative that you contact your insurance company to know about the information that has to be included in the survey report. You also need to make sure that a report from your selected boat surveyor Cape Coral will be accepted by the insurance company.

Know what will not be included

While a survey should include a thorough inspection of the interior, you also need to know what will not be included. For example, most surveys don’t include the condition of engines. If the operation of the engine is not normal, the marine surveyor will recommend that you get it inspected by a professional marine mechanic.

Be present

Last but not least, you need to be present for the survey. That way you will be able to ask questions during the survey as well as help the surveyor around your boat. After the survey, the surveyor will sit down with you to go through the defects he or she discovered.

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