Marine Surveyor 33915 – Are there Any Special Considerations When Surveying Wooden Boats?

– Are There Any Special Considerations When Surveying Wooden Boats?

When it comes to surveying a wooden boat, recommends taking into consideration some unique factors that might not come up when inspecting a steel or aluminum vessel. Surveying a wooden boat requires an experienced eye and knowledge of the craft and construction techniques used in these older vessels. Suncoast Marine Surveying’s Marine Surveyor 33915 has worked with wooden boats for many years and knows exactly what to look for during an inspection.

A Marine Surveyor 33915 will check all areas of the boat such as the hull, decks, bilges, bulkheads, fasteners, and rigging. When it comes to wooden vessels, there are certain issues that can arise which could shorten the lifespan of the craft and make it unsafe to use on the water. A thorough survey conducted by Marine Surveyor 33915 will look for signs of rot, delamination, and structural weakness due to age or improper care. Other considerations include corrosion of metal components like fasteners, cleats and rubbing strakes, as well as any loose fittings or rigging that could cause instability.

Wooden boats are usually treated differently than other types of vessels because they require more care and maintenance. One issue that often arises is leakage through plank seams, caulking, and fittings. If the boat’s planks or frames have been weakened by rot, then they may no longer provide adequate protection against moisture seeping in from outside sources. Additionally, wood is prone to movement due to changes in humidity which can lead to additional stress cracks or warped panels. All of these issues should be noted and addressed in the survey report.

Surveying a wooden boat also requires assessing the condition of the hull planking as well as any specialized components such as spars or masts. These structures should not only be checked for signs of deterioration but also for stability and strength. Any repairs made to the vessel must also be advised by the Marine Surveyor 33915 in order to ensure that the boat is safe to use.

Suncoast Marine Surveying’s Marine Surveyor 33915 is highly familiar with the nuances involved in surveying a wooden boat and takes into account all aspects when conducting an inspection. In addition to checking for signs of rot and structural deterioration, Marine Surveyor 33915 will evaluate the seaworthiness of the vessel, including its deck fittings, pumps, steering gear, electrical circuits, and propulsion systems. They will also check for any engine problems and determine if any other upgrades need to be done to meet safety standards.

Anyone considering purchasing or selling a wooden boat should call on Suncoast Marine Surveying’s Marine Surveyor 33915 for a comprehensive survey. It is important to have an experienced professional inspect the vessel before making any decisions so that all potential problems can be identified and addressed. With a thorough survey from Marine Surveyor 33915 at Suncoast Marine Surveying, the buyer or seller of a wooden boat can trust that their investment in this maritime classic is sound.r

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