Is a Marine Survey Worth It – Used Boat Caveats

Shopping for a used boat can be a lot of fun. This is because the market is filled with all manner of vessels. You can start your search online and then contact the most promising sellers for a sea trial. However, as you shop around for a used boat, you have to consider working with an experienced surveyor to help with the initial inspection. But is a marine survey worth it? The answer is yes and here are the top reasons why.

Be wary of unknown brands

When shopping for a boat, you will come across less-known boat brands. You must be very careful when considering these brands. The reason for this is that less-known brands are not too concerned with the reputation of their brand. They can offer poor-quality workmanship and still manage to remain in business thanks to dealing with unsuspecting clients and offering low prices. Before you settle for a boat brand you have never heard about, you should consider getting a professional Cape Coral marine survey. An experienced marine surveyor will be able to help you know if the boat is a worthy investment or not. The surveyor will further help you dig up any dirt on the vessel and give you an estimate of the repair costs. You can use this information to determine whether to go forward with the purchase or not.

Beware that in preparation for the sale, some boat owners install home-built engines. While they may work perfectly in the first few weeks, these engines might fail on you. An experienced surveyor will help you know if the boat has a home-built engine and what the condition of the engine is.

Beware of signs of neglect

Most sellers make their vessels more attractive by doing some cosmetic work. The cosmetic work may include waxing or polishing the boat. Before you settle for a used boat that seems to be in perfect condition, take a step back and allow a surveyor to inspect it. The case is the same when the price is too low. Chances are the seller is not targeting a quick sale but simply trying to get rid of a piece of junk. It is only with the help you a boat surveyor that you will be able to know if the boat is in good condition or not.

The older a boat is, the riskier it is

With age comes risk. Some older boats will have been sitting on a trailer for months. It may have taken in water and may require major repairs. It is only with a professional survey that you will be able to determine the suitability of an old boat.

Hopefully, the above points have answered your question about is a marine survey worth it. Simply put, working with a surveyor is the best way to avoid spending money on a doomed vessel.

Is a Marine Survey Worth It