Coverage to Look for in Boat Insurance Cape Coral

Buying a boat is a huge investment. That is why you should do everything possible to keep your investment safe. One way of doing that is getting boat insurance Cape Coral. Having an insurance cover will give you peace of mind as you sail or while your boat is sitting on the dock. But which insurance cover should you get? The wrong cover will only lead to frustrations. As you shop around for the right insurance provider, make sure you inquire about the following covers. 

Physical damage coverage

This is the most important cover to get when applying for boat insurance Cape Coral. This is coverage that pays for repairs to your boat. Your insurance policy will provide all the risks that are covered. Take note of what is specifically excluded and ensure it is not necessary. Keep in mind that boat insurance policies often exclude normal wear and tear. It is your job as the boat owner to ensure your vessel is well maintained.

Personal property coverage

This is an additional coverage found in boat insurance policies. This covers such items as personal effects, clothing, fishing and sports equipment. Coverage is for when these items are being loaded and unloaded and while they are on your boat. There are exclusions so make sure you understand what is excluded before taking this cover.

Emergency towing and assistance coverage

This cover will reimburse you for the cost you incur when you need emergency assistance for your vessel. An example of an emergency service includes the need to get your boat towed to a place for repairs, delivery of parts or emergency labor. Prior to choosing this cover, check beforehand to know if deductible applies to the coverage or if there are any maximum annual limits for multiple emergency towing or assistance claims.

Liability coverage

As part of a comprehensive boat insurance cover, liability coverage offers many coverages. Coverage for the disposal or removal of the wreck of the boat is crucial to have more so if a wreck is deemed hazardous to navigation. As a boat owner, you may be liable for the containment and clean-up if a wreck leads to oil pollution. Having a liability cover will help avoid the expenses that come from being held liable.

Medical payments coverage

Make sure your insurance provider offers an adequate limit of medical payment coverage. Medical payment coverage pays for first aid treatment, ambulance, hospital and several other medical expenses. Know who is covered by the medical payment coverage.

Underinsured/uninsured boater coverage

Last but not least, because boat liability insurance is not mandatory, some boaters operate their vessels without it. With underinsured or uninsured boat coverage, your insurance provider will compensate you for damages caused by an uninsured operator that hits you.

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