Cover Options You May Want to Consider in Yacht Insurance Cape Coral

It costs a lot of money to buy a yacht. This is regardless of whether you are going for a brand new or a used boat. Once the transfer of ownership is complete, the first thing you must do is get the right yacht insurance Cape Coral trusts. The purpose of an insurance cover is to protect your investment and keep your passengers safe. The cover you get will depend on how much you want to spend and the policy options that are provided by your preferred insurance company. Here are some unconventional boat insurance coverage options that are available.

Focused coverage

After buying a yacht, you might find items that are more expensive to replace or repair. If you are interested in insuring valuable items such as an expensive electrical system, you can get a focused insurance cover. This cover is offered by some insurance companies. It allows you to insure specific items on your boat. The focused coverage may be a great addition to your standard yacht insurance Cape Coral. You can get it to protect expensive equipment that is not covered by your standard policy.

Consequential damage

This is another unique insurance cover you should consider. It protects against wear and tear that doesn’t result from an accident. Keep in mind that most insurers will not insure your boat against such things as corrosion, mold, and rot. In this case, you can get a consequential damage cover.

International extension

This is basically travel insurance for your yacht. If you plan on sailing outside United States waters, buying this cover will offer you the much-needed protection. The policy expands your policy to foreign countries. The cover is crucial because mechanical issues tend to worsen during long trips. When you have this cover, you will still be covered even outside US waters.


The most important thing to do when shopping for marine insurance is to make sure marine salvage is included. This cover is essential in case your boat gets disabled and needs to be towed. When you call a boat towing company, your insurer will foot the bill. Standard insurance policies rarely include marine salvage cover. Ask your insurance broker if they offer it.

There are so many more coverage options you can consider when shopping for yacht insurance in Cape Coral. The key is to know how you will be using your yacht. This will help you know the type of cover you should get. You also need to involve a marine surveyor. The surveyor will help you know how much cover you should get and the best types of covers to go for.

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