Boat Surveyor Cape Coral – Various Types of Marine Surveys

If you are considering buying a used boat, boat surveys are something that will definitely come up. When buying a boat or trying to choose between a used and a new boat, a boat surveyor Cape Coralwill be the best professional to talk to. The surveyor will perform a thorough evaluation of your target boat and help you know if you are making a sound decision or not. There are several types of surveys that a marine surveyor can perform.

Condition and Value Surveys

Most people consider the help of a boat surveyorCape Coral so as to get either a condition or a value survey. These are the two most common types of surveys performed. These boat surveys will help you find the perfect boat to buy. The surveys involve a comprehensive inspection which includes checking the whole boat, its propulsion systems, electronics and everything that is on board. For large sailboats, rigging surveys may be performed.

It is important to note that a marine surveyor will not take components a part to see if they are working properly. A surveyor simply inspects the components visually and listens to determine their condition. If there is a serious issue, you may be advised to bring in a mechanic to evaluate a component further.

Insurance Surveys

Insurance surveys are a lot like condition and value surveys. The only difference is that these surveys are done solely for insurance purposes. They are also less comprehensive and only focus on a list of specific items that the insurance company wants to be checked. In this case, you should contact the insurance company for a list of the items that will have to be examined and also to know if the boat surveyorCape Coral you plan on using is approved by the insurance company.

Appraisal Surveys

These surveys are exactly what they sound like. They are surveys performed to identify the fair market value of a boat. In most cases, these surveys are needed in estate settlements and in cases of divorce. When financing a boat, a lender may also require an appraisal survey to be performed.

Damage Surveys

These are surveys performed to determine the extent of damage to a boat. They are usually necessary after a storm or accident. The surveys also help calculate the cost of repairs. Insurance companies often request these surveys after an accident.

New Yacht Surveys 

These types of surveys are necessary for large, expensive marine vessels. They can be performed for a custom-built yacht and can take place over a period of time with the marine surveyor visiting the manufacturer at different stages of the boat construction.

The above are the main types of surveys performed by a boat surveyor Cape Coral. It is always good to find a surveyor that has experience offering the services that you need.

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