Aspects of a Boat Insurance Cape Coral

Whether you own a mega-yacht or a jet-ski, it is always wise to consider the importance of boat insurance Cape Coral. The right coverage will give you peace of mind both as you sail off the coast or while your vessel is docked during winter. However, to avoid spending too much on insurance premiums, it is always good to involve a boat surveyor in Cape Coral before you buy a new boat. The surveyor will assess the vessel to help you understand its flaws, help you determine how much insurance you should get and help determine if it is a good investment or not.

Boating presents a unique set of dangers and perils. Your vessel can hit a submerged object when sailing, you can get hit by another uninsured boater or your vessel might be damaged by harsh weather. Getting the right insurance will keep you safe from losses that result from these and more dangers. While your insurance company will send their own appraisers, the input of an independent marine surveyor will come in handy when searching for the best boat insurance Cape Coral. You also need to understand the various aspects of boat insurance in order to know what you can get.

Liability coverage

The majority of insurance policies include liability coverage. This includes protection for your passengers as well as liability for any water sports activities. Generally, boat owner’s insurance covers damage to the hull, furniture and machinery. Make sure you read the fine print carefully before choosing a cover.

Ice and freezing damage

Even though it rarely snows in Florida, it is better safe than sorry if you own a boat. You also never know when you might be docking in a region that snows a lot. This is because, during winter, ice and freezing can be a major concern. Check the policy to ensure there is coverage against damages caused by ice and freezing. Keep in mind that ice and freezing damage might be excluded if your vessel is not winterized properly.

Navigation may be limited

While you may have the most comprehensive insurance cover, keep in mind that coverage is often restricted to certain areas. If you plan on taking an extended trip, check the navigation limits. The last thing you want is for your boat to get damaged in the Bahamas and your insurance company refuses to cover the damages because you were outside the navigation area.

Tsunami coverage

Although most insurance companies cover damages that result from tsunamis, it is important to check with your provider and make sure you are covered.

Insurance companies offer varying provisions in their insurance cover. Make sure you understand what is covered in your boat insurance in Cape Coral before you accept it.

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