What is the Cost of Working With a Marine Surveyor in 33914?

What is the Cost of Working With a Marine Surveyor in 33914?

If you live in 33914, it’s important to get a professional evaluation from a certified Marine Surveyor. Knowing the cost of hiring a marine surveyor in 33914 can help you determine if this service is right for your needs. At Suncoast Marine Surveying, we provide expert marine surveys at an affordable price.

What Does a Marine Surveyor Do?

A marine surveyor inspects boats and other marine vessels. A surveyor’s job consists of examining the structure, electrical systems, safety equipment, and overall condition of a boat or vessel. The purpose of a survey is to give an accurate overview of the boat or vessel’s condition that can be used to assess its value.


The fee for a marine survey will vary depending on factors like the size of the vessel, the complexity of the systems, local rates, and the experience level of the surveyor. Generally, surveys start around $250 for smaller craft (under 25 feet), and larger crafts can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 or more. For an accurate quote on your specific project, contact Suncoast Marine Surveying for a free consultation.

In addition to the survey itself, there are also additional services that may incur extra costs. These services include things like ultrasonic thickness testing, damage inspection/detailing, corrosion analysis, engine inspections, and so forth. Any additional services required will increase the total cost of the survey.

Benefits of Professional Marine Surveys

Having a professional marine survey performed on your vessel is one of the most important investments you can make in protecting your investment. When done correctly, the information collected can be used to assess risk and plan for necessary repairs. It can also be used as part of a sale agreement during a purchase. Working with a qualified like Suncoast Marine Surveying ensures that all aspects of the craft are inspected thoroughly using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

When hiring a marine surveyor, always ask for references and proof of certifications to ensure that they have the knowledge and experience to do an effective job. Although it might initially seem like an expensive investment (especially if additional services are required), the long-term benefits of working with a trusted professional outweigh any short-term costs.

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